About Friends of TI

In 2013, the secretariat of Transparency International established a U.S.–based nonprofit called the Friends of Transparency International in order to raise public awareness in the U.S. about Transparency International and its global programs aimed at fighting corruption.

Friends of Transparency International invites contributions to advance Transparency International’s mission of fighting corruption worldwide. Gifts may be restricted to support activities in any of the 100 or more countries with a national chapter of Transparency International. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Friends of Transparency International (FOTI) is an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization (EIN: 46-3864039).

Board Members: Alessandro Gianesini.


Click the link below to view the bylaws for FOTI:

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A copy of the most recent IRS Form 990 for FOTI is viewable with the link below:

View 990 2015 (This pdf includes Friends of TI financial review 2014 and 2015) PDF

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Articles of Incorporation

FOTI’s Articles of Incorporation may be accessed with the link below:

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IRS Determination

A copy of FOTI’s official IRS tax exemption letter can be found here:

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